Eighty years in Brazil, officially, the sport was brought by Japanese immigrants and its establishment in Barueri was started in February of 2011. The main objective of integrating that sport discipline was making it popular and accessible to all.

GRB has hired experienced professionals with flawless teaching advice to offer the best to students and athletes.

During the classes, students receive – for free – all equipment needed for training.
In addition to classes, Competitive Sports Activities Programs with teams from other cities are organized.

The sport that has ever had as a basis for training the Jardim Paulista is now with the classes being conducted at Jardim Silveira and community centers.





Grêmio Recreativo Barueri - Avenida Sansão, 110 - Jardim São Pedro – CEP: 06402-200
Barueri – São Paulo - Fone: 11 4163-4131

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