Barueri was brilliant and wins in the second division of the artistic gymnastics

The team of Barueri was the great champion in artistic gymnastics at the São Paulo Countryside Open Games which takes place in the city of Bauru.

Held on last Tuesday November 20, in the artistic gymnastics center William Dal Coletto, the latest competitions of artistic gymnastics at the São Paulo Countryside Open Games-Bauru/2012, the modality ended with the presentations of the female category under-14 and male under-16.

In the female category, uneven bars and vault completed the sequence of competitions.

The team of Barueri was in the spotlight, since it won gold in the general ranking by teams in the second division. The coach Roger Medina, who is born in Bauru, said that good results are consequence of hard work. “These girls are training six hours a day during two years in our training center. We finished the Open Games with a flourish, which is our last competition in the year”, commemorates Medina, who in 2012 sent to the Brazilian Team five gymnasts of his group.

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