GRB invests in sport and Citizenship

Grêmio Recreativo Barueri (GRB) is a Social, non-profit Organization and its primary purpose is to provide residents all the benefits of sports – Sports Training Centers - from the initiation to the best sports performance for official competitions and extra official. The organization, founded in March 26, 1989, has its own headquarters and its duration is undetermined.

 Currently GRB runs over 15 different sports and cares for more than 13 thousand children and adolescents in various districts in the city of Barueri.

To expand its goals and achieve social targets, GRB has a partnership with the Barueri municipal government which decodes the guidelines that the GRB adopts such as the strategic goals, Annual Goals Plan, the quantitative and qualitative indicators, financial disbursement and control of assets transferred.
GRB maintains partnerships with other Departments of the Municipality, such as CMDCA-Municipal Council for the rights of children and adolescents and the rights of the disabled person, as well as the Secretary of Sport of Barueri.

The different kinds of sports are offered free of charge to the population-at  all over Barueri there are: Athletics, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, skating, soccer, futsal, judo, karate, baseball, handball, boccia and kung fu, adapted sports, among other sports and educational activities.
To make the competition and leisure sports viable, Barueri Secretary of Sports and Leisure grants to GRB its modern and complete infrastructure. There are more than 60 sports Squares, contemplating the Gyms, including multi-sport gymnasium, Sports Community Centers, gyms, football fields, Slopes, tracks, among other locations available.
Highly qualified and experienced Professionals, which represents security, well-being and excellent results. Many students and athletes formed at GRB are currently Sports Champions and many of them are part of the Brazilian team on their respective sport activity.

Food is carefully planned by nutritionists and offered to pupils as a mandatory point, in view of the fact that to encourage a healthy lifestyle and sports activities, energy is essential for good performance.
The physiotherapy is completely free, modern and fully equipped to meet the pupils and athletes on the elite sports training of the GRB sport center.

Barueri is a city that is proud of being increasingly known for its athletes. GRB don´t stop investing in equipments and human resources to offer the best to the students and athletes of its sport center, so that in the future they will be part of the champions Gallery.

GRB, since its establishment has formed mainly citizens, won titles in several sports, revealed winning and talented athletes, champions, Olympic medalists and even athletes of the Brazilian National team. GRB´s professionals, by dedication and hard work and with the local authorities and entities support want to perpetuate the service of sport initiation and competitive practice of all sports nationwide and internationally.

Grêmio Recreativo Barueri - Avenida Sansão, 110 - Jardim São Pedro – CEP: 06402-200
Barueri – São Paulo - Fone: 11 4163-4131

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